Dance Style

Dance Style


This Indian dance style has emerged from Hindi Film industry, which is known as Bollywood. It is a mixture of different dance styles. This style includes Indian Folk, Kathak, and modern dancing

Semi Classical

It’s a unique combination of kathak, Bollywood & Indian Classical. Essential part of semi classical dance form is Mudras [hand movements], Facial Expression, Footwork & understanding of Taal [musical beats]

Folk Dance styles

There are various authentic dance forms in different regions across India. We offer these 3 folk dance styles in particular.

  • Bhangra It’s a Folk dance of Punjabi region on Punjabi music. Bhangra is performed with unique props Chikka (Clapper), Danda (Long thick Stick), Dhol (Drum).
  • Raas-Garba Is a form of dance, which includes authentic dance steps compiling Footwork, Claps and 2 small sticks. It’s originated from state of Gujarat in India.
  • Lavani This dance style is originated from state of Maharashtra in India. Kathak is a base of this dance style. Lavani is performing wearing Ghungroo (heavy anklet with 50 and above metal beads).


Bollywood music and hip-hop traditionally involve a lot of rhythm and beats. Desi hip-hop is a term for music and culture, which combines the influences of hip-hop and the Indian subcontinent. This dance style includes hip-hop & the essence of Bollywood dance moves


Its a great workout routine while having fun, burning good amount of calories & also learn some Bollywood Songs Signature steps.

Age Group

Kids (5yrs-7yrs)

This class is for those who have little to no experience in dance. They will learn the “essentials of Bollywood’. They will be introduced to basic formations, dance movements, as well as the importance of expressions.


Now it’s time for kids to refine their dance technique, make their fundamentals stronger, learn basic formations & add new moves to their repertoire.

12yrs and above

This class is for those who have shown proficiency in the “essentials of Bollywood “. This class will focus on more complex formations, movements, and learn meaning of songs to evoke richer expression through dance In this age group kids learn combination of challenging moves, advance dance techniques & unique formations. Such training can bring them upto the standards of professional dance performers.


Adults Fitness

1 hour of Bollywood dance to Bollywood music from yesteryears to now. Learning a great workout routine while having fun & burning good amount of calories.

Adults Dance Class

According to this age group we particularly focus on teaching basic footwork and hand movements that help them to understand dancing technique & also Rhythm Sense.